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1-On-One Fitness by Jeff
Professional Training with a Personal Touch

Corporate Event Training (Tough Mudder SoCal 2012)

Welcome to 1 On-One Fitness by Jeff!

One on One fitness opened its doors in 1998. Our mission is to provide the best training service in the industry. We value ourselves on our ability to design a safe and effective exercise program for each individual client. We understand that every client has certain needs, goals and expectations. Our goal is to design a program based on what your body needs, will be effective in helping you reach your goals, and that will exceed all of your expectations! We do this by educating you on lifestyle change. At One on One Fitness the word lifestyle change is much more than a catch phrase. We base our success on each clients ability to reach their goals while they are with us and maintain them when they are on their own. Think of One on One Fitness as the place that will give you the owner’s manual to your body! 

Jeff Bryan