"I started looking for a one-on-one trainer as I never felt confident with my skinny looks.  I wanted to build endurance to play with my kid.  Jeff listened to my requirements and my mind set before starting me on a good program.  I am learning a lot about how to keep my body fit everyday.  My diet completely changed with the program and I am a stern believer of a healthy nutritional plan and now know how to fine tune my body with diet and exercise.  If you need a motivated personal trainer to push you to your limits to get into your best shape physically as well as in your mindset, then this is the program for you. "--SUUBUe your paragraph here.

"After having a bone marrow transplant in 2010, I was having a hard time getting back into shape and keeping my weight down.  After attempting to lose weight by myself, I decided the time was right to work with a personal trainer.  After researching my options, I found that 1 On One Fitness offered the most comprehensive package of exercise, nutrition and motivation.  Since starting the program, I lost 40 pounds!  I have also started a nutritional program that keeps me healthy on a daily basis.  I enjoy the diversity of the workouts and the social aspect of the boot camps -- a great group of people who work hard together and keep each other motivated.  The results are worth the investment.  -- BRIANA H.ragraph here.

"I became so tired of being tired, overweight and having no energy.  I hated being the "fat chick" in all of the golf tournaments and wanted to improve my life and game.  Since doing my program with  Jeff at 1 On One Fitness, I have lot 50 pounds and feel so much better.  No more fat clothes.  Jeff keeps me focused and pushes me to strive to do more than I would on my own.  He keeps me on track.  Do it now.  Don't wait until later because you will feel so much better sooner.  Life is short and getting in shape really makes you appreciate opportunities and events in life feeling better.  -- PATTI B.your paragraph here.

"It was absolutely a lucky me the day I stepped in the door and became part of the 1 On One Fitness family. Jeff Bryan's fitness expertise as well as his awesome, ever changing, fun and challenging workouts, makes each and every experience rewarding and empowering!"  --NANCY M.

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"I'm a weekend warrior who was always hurting myself on the soccer field, and the injuries were catching up with me.  I wasn't able to do any of the strengthening exercises without pain that physical therapists have shown me over the years.  I was at the beginning stages of becoming a skinny fat due (slender body and big gut) and nothing I was doing was helping me lose weight.  The program at 1 On One Fitness has completely changed my lifestyle in a positive way.  I have become significantly more conscious about what and how much I eat and how much exercise I need each week.  I am in my mid-30's and feel stronger and in better shape than I ever have before.   The trainers at  1 On One Fitness care about getting you results.  They push you harder than you push yourself, but not in an intimidating way.  If you are reading this, then you have at least started to think about getting a personal trainer.  I would happily refer any of my family and friends here.  After two years of personal training and boot camps, I have never been disappointedJOHN G. pe your paragraph here.


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